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Story About Us

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There are a number of stress management units all over the world each advocating its own approach. The age old Indian system of Yoga and Meditation is also now widely accepted and incorporated in various curricula of management schools; this is in addition to the already prevalent western school of stress management techniques. But, despite all these stress management efforts, has the world become stress-free? Or can even a single individual, who has either learnt or taught these approaches, claim to have become stress free? I wonder! We have therefore come up, after indepth research, with “A NOVEL APPROACH TO STRESS MANAGEMENT” which is an amalgamation of the western and Indian approaches. We have tried to overcome the shortcomings of the prevalent approaches; and we believe that despite a common approach it is essential to customize the outlines for each stressed individual keeping in view each one’s upbringing and circumstances......Read more

Dr. Vijay Nichani

The concept is designed for mass audiences and presented by Dr. Vijay Nichani, MS FIAGES, in the form of an interesting audiovisual presentation which lasts for 90 – 120 minutes and is thereafter followed by an interactive session. A significant percentage of the remuneration collected for these performances is spent on philanthropic activities. Those interested in such presentations for their audiences may inquire for more details on +91 98270 36565.

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