Common Issues

We can help treat the following conditions: Anxiety Anxiety disorders refer to a high prevalence group of problems, which include excessive levels of fear and anxiety. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, threat, or danger and often serves us well. It enables us to deal with threatening situations by triggering the fight/flight response so that we can take evasive action. However, it is when this response is persistent, excessive and interferes with our functioning in daily life that it is referred to as an anxiety disorder; at this point a psychologist or counselling service may be required. Depression It is important to understand that depression or low moods can be a part of everyday life and that we all experience periods when we feel sad or upset. However, depression is a very common psychological problem and is significantly different from mere unhappiness or sadness. Importantly, depression treatment is not a ‘bad’ thing, nor is it something to be ashamed of as a large percentage of the population experience a bout of depression in their lifetime. Stress Management Being over stressed or chronically stressed can interfere with our performance levels, physical health and relationships. We generally experience stress when we feel overwhelmed by, or unable to cope with a particular situation. Stress may occur because of
  • Work or job demands, retrenchment or unemployment, workplace bullying
  • Financial Distress
  • Relationship issues – family and social
  • A traumatic event or loss
  • Illness or disability
  • Significant life changes
  • Perception of unrealistic expectations being placed on you.
Grief and Loss You may be experiencing Grief or feelings of loss in response to the loss of something or someone, including loved ones, significant others, family members, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. This can lead to experiencing intense feelings of sadness, anger, disbelief, panic, relief and even numbness.It may be important to allow people to help you through the grieving process to ensure that unhelpful thoughts and feelings are better managed. Consider engaging a Psychologist in Sydney to assist you You may think that that it is all too hard and wish you were with the person who died. This type of thinking does not typically mean you will take active steps to end your life but can simply be an expression of the pain and sadness you are currently experiencing. Working with a psychologist, counselling at SydneyEmotional Fitness can be rewarding, can enable you to develop insight and begin working through acceptance to ensure you continue through your life fulfilled and enriched. Anger Management Anger is a powerful emotion and can be experienced in a range of ways. These can range from
  • Mild irritation and frustration
  • Intense rage and violent outbursts which may manifest in verbal abuse such as intense criticism and yelling to physical assaults
  • Withdrawing or suppressing your anger in order to protect others
Anger can mask other feelings and emotional pain such as
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Hurt/loss/Sadness
If not managed appropriately anger can impact on your ability to engage in healthy family and social relationships, your work, and on your quality of life in general. Anger counselling at Sydney Emotional Fitness is also available for Couples in marriage or relationship counselling. We welcome same sex couples. Relationship/Marriage/Couples Counselling Fulfilling and supportive relationships with friends, family, partners and other significant people in our lives are important to our overall health and can have positive effects on our psychological well being. Relationship problems tend to start with either personality, moral or values conflicts, changes in our lives such as a new child, loss of employment or ill health or the actions of one or both of the partners, such as infidelity, lack of commitment or communication, anger of aggressive behaviour.