Relation Management

Show You Care Little gestures expressed timely go a long way towards building strong bonds.
What is 'Relationship Management'.
A strategy employed by an organization in which a continuous level of engagement is maintained between the organization and its audience. Relationship management can be between a business and its customers (customer relationship management) and between a business and other businesses (business relationship management). Relationship management is a focus of the financial and investing industries as a way to identify potential cross-sales of products and services.
BREAKING DOWN 'Relationship Management'
Relationship management aims to create a partnership between the organization and its audience rather than consider the relationship merely transactional. Consumers who feel that a business responds to their needs are more likely to continue using the products and services that a business offers. Additionally, maintaining a level of communication with consumers allows the business to identify potential sources of costly problems before they come to a head.
Relationship Management is about building new habits for contacting people and staying in touch with those people in an organized, systematic way that is meaningful and builds relationships. It is about cultivating those relationships to build trust, and from that trust, creating the referrals that will build your business.